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Looking for a way to show our support of local heroes, the REA planted dozens of signs at our schools and in the community. As you drive around town, you’ll see our signs recognizing the fearless dedication of our healthcare workers, firefighters, and police force. You’ll also see signs expressing how much we miss our students! Online school is not the same as seeing their bright faces in our classrooms, learning,

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and growing together.

President Debi Bella met members in the RHS parking lot on Saturday, May 9th to distribute the signs Triangle Copying printed for us. You could see the pride behind our masks as we divided into groups and headed out to our various destinations. Though our bodies were socially distanced, our hearts we united as we planted signs at the firehouse, police station, Sharon Elementary, Pond Road Middle, and Robbinsville High School. You may even spy some signs on Robbinville Blvd., in Town Center, or in your neighborhood!