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Robbinsville’s students deserve the BEST

When our schools reopen, the Robbinsville Education Association wants students to return to the top-notch schools they left. That’s why we’re asking Robbinsville residents to urge the board of education to BUDGET TO CAP. While budgeting to the 2% cap wouldn’t cost much, (an average of $42 per household per year), it would go a long way to ensuring that students come back to schools with NO PROGRAMMING OR STAFF CUTS. The final vote on the school budget is on April 28th. Robbinsville students deserve great public schools. Let’s make sure they continue to get them!

Email your board of education members asking them to budget to the 2% cap.

Board Members


Sample E-mail:

Dear ______

As a (parent/ community member/taxpayer) in Robbinsville, I am asking you to vote in favor of budgeting to the 2% cap for the 2020-2021 school year. Not doing so will have a detrimental effect on the district’s ability to serve our children. After being out of school for several weeks thus far, our children should not have to come back to school facing program and staffing cuts, larger class sizes, and the loss of valuable extracurricular opportunities. We have great public schools in Robbinsville. Let’s keep them this way! A few extra dollars are a sound investment in the future of Robbinsville and our students’ success.


Thank you,

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